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This past week, Mr. Richard Viviano has respectfully submitted his resignation as Hawthorn Middle North Athletic Director. Mr. Viviano’s resignation is effective Friday, March 24, 2017. I am absolutely thankful for the service Rich has provided Hawthorn Middle North. At this time, I would like to provide clarity on the MSN athletic director position. For […]

Letter to Parents Regarding Required Accountability Assessments

Good morning,   Schools and districts throughout the state have begun to administer the SY 2016-2017 federally required accountability assessments. In order to help support you, ISBE has provided the following letter to parents about required testing. You are free to utilize this letter in whatever way is most appropriate for your school and district, […]

HEA Candidate Night

There is a Candidate Night hosted by the Hawthorn Education Association (HEA) on Tuesday, March 14th at 7 pm.  The event will be held at Middle School South.  You will have an opportunity learn about candidates for the Hawthorn School Board of Education.  This is not a District sponsored event.  All candidates have been invited […]

Price Increase for PE uniforms

The locks will be $6 instead of $5.   These are special locks made exclusively for the Hawthorn program with regard to combinations and locks. The tops (shirts) will be $17 instead of $15.  The shorts will be the same…there is no change for them $10.


MSN Parents and Guardians:                                                                                  3/10/2017   Your student will begin taking the PARCC test in the upcoming weeks.  Your child will complete one test section per day of the test either in the morning or afternoon.  If you need to know the exact time your student will test, email their homeroom teacher.  Testing times will […]

The Community Parent Network is presenting a parent night tonight at Libertyville High School for parents of 6th-12th graders.

The Community Parent Network is presenting a parent night on March 2, 2017 at Libertyville High School for parents of 6th-12th graders.  Libertyville High School 708 W. Park Avenue Libertyville, IL 60048 Registration is now available at: https://goo.gl/forms/PV0Ye7mmbtiHeKJr2 (Can you embed the link? Registration is now available by clicking here) Your choice to attend two […]


8th grader Karla T. designed this multi-functional pedestal in STEM Lab to be used by her pet bird, and printed it in 3D!