basketball tryouts

Boys Basketball Tryouts – UPDATED 10/10/2017

Boys Basketball Tryouts will be held on the following dates/times below.  In order to tryout, you MUST have a current physical on file (please send to Ms. Howard – MSN school nurse).  Contact Coach McKenzie or Coach Krajewski with questions.

6th / 7th grade Boys Tryouts

  • Tuesday 10/17/17 (2:20pm – 4:30pm)
  • Wednesday 10/18/17 (2:20pm – 4:30pm)
  • Thursday 10/19/17 (2:20pm – 4:30pm)

8th grade Boys Tryouts

  • Wednesday 10/18/17 (2:20pm – 4:30pm)
  • Thursday 10/19/17 (2:20pm – 4:30pm)
Laptop mockup with blank screen on the table in office room

Midterms and Grades Online

Parents and Guardians, It is the middle of Trimester One.  In an effort to go paperless and streamline communication, your student’s Midterms and Report Cards will not be sent home on paper this year.  Since grades are readily available online and updated on a weekly basis, starting with Trimester One Midterms, we are asking that you utilize our Power School Parent Portal to login and view both y our student’s grades and comments from his or her teachers.  While grades are always available, Midterms will be accessible for viewing beginning October 16, 2017.

The PowerSchool Parent Portal can be accessed from our Middle School North webpage under the links tab, or directly at Parent Portal.  You will need your username and password for the Parent Portal, which should have been created at your time of registration.  Should you have trouble logging in, please contact our office at 847-990-4400.

Further information can be found here:

MSN Electronic Grade Letter

After School Activity Bus Season 2

Middle Schools North and South provide a seasonal after school Activity Bus for students that participate in an athletic or club activity or prearranged academic help. The first fifty students to sign up, per building, will be given the privilege to ride the Activity Bus during the active season.

Season 2 Application Form Season 2 Letter

Middle School North Award

Middle School North Takes a First in Attendance Rates

Middle School North took a first place award in the 2017 Attendance Week Competition. The school had a 98% attendance rate. The Student Council represented the school at the awards event.


Chromebook 11

DEADLINE-EXTENDED to 10/15/17 Supplemental Insurance for Chromebooks

Hawthorn Middle North has chosen Worth Ave. Group as the vendor of choice to insure the school-issued devices given to students.  Insurance with Worth Ave. group will protect the device and charging cables against the assortment of incidents listed on the PDF attached and will provide full replacement cost coverage for devices that are stolen or damaged beyond repair.  There is no limit to the number of claims that can be filed during the policy term and coverage is transferable to a replacement unit.  It is a voluntary policy that will cover the device. The cost is $22/year. Parents must complete the purchase with credit card online by October 15th. 2017.

Insurance Flyer

Sew what Club

See What the “Sew What” Club is Doing

The Sew What Club at Middle School North is starting its first project of the year. The students are decorating canvas tote bags. Some students are drawing their own designs while others are using tape to create patterns. These designs will be painted with acrylic paint.


Brief Alert

This morning there was a suspicious black car we believe to be a Lincoln possibly taking photos of students as they entered school. The car was parked off of school property. Please take extra caution and keep a watchful eye. Inform our Resource Officer Jon Paret or the Vernon Hills Police Department if you see anything out of the ordinary.

Snowflake 2017 for 7th & 8th Graders – Registration Extended to 9/27

Operation Snowflake seeks to bring together middle school youth, community professionals and other caring adults to develop a trusting relationship and provide a framework of understanding of oneself and of others. The program also strives to teach youth valuable skills that develop healthy peer relationships, promote responsible decision-making and resist negative peer pressure.

*CaringandSharing*NewFriends*NewIdeas*NewSkills* *HugsandFuzzies*AGoodTime*

LOCATION: Hawthorn Middle School South

600 Aspen Drive

Vernon Hills, IL 60016

DATE: Friday, October 13, 2017

TIME: Students: 2:15 – 10:00pm
(students will walk to Middle South with staff)

Parents: 7:15 – 10:00pm (Speaker, dessert & coffee)

FEE: $25.00 Per Student

Registration is due by Sept. 27th

(Fee includes student dinner, snack, t-shirt and materials)
You can find all the information here:

Snowflake Info and Forms 2017

MSN Students Step Up to Help

The Hawthorn North Student Council rocked out our hurricane drive.  Thanks to all for donating the past week!  We have tons of school supplies, water bottles, canned foods, socks, underwear, paper goods to ship off to Texas!  It was a close race between 6th and 8th grade, but 7th grade pulled it off with a total of 1,020 items collected!


– 6th grade Total Collected: 579 items

– 7th grade Total Collected: 1,020 items (WINNERS!)

– 8th grade Total Collected: 600 items

Parents Invitation to Google Classroom

Dear Middle School Parents/Guardians,

Within the next few days, you should be receiving an email from Google Classroom inviting you to receive “Email Summaries” for your student. These summaries can be sent to you daily, weekly, or you can opt out of receiving them.

You can learn more about Guardian Email Summaries here:

MSN Google Invitation – ENG

MSN Google Invitation – Español


You will need to make sure you logged into your personal email account, and your account only, when you accept this invitation. Please log out of any other Google/Gmail accounts before accepting the invitation. If you do not take this step, the parent summaries from Google Classroom will be sent to the wrong account.

Items left on the Bus

Any ChromeBooks or electronic devices left on the bus must be picked up at Lakeside Transportation, 2794 Northwestern Avenue, Waukegan, IL   60087. For GPS purposes, please enter 2800 Northwestern Avenue, Waukegan, IL   60087

AWE: Accelerated Weekend Experience

Hawthorn District 73 is offering a unique learning opportunity for academically talented students in grades 3 through 8.  In collaboration with Northwestern University’s Center for Talent Development, the Accelerated Weekend Experience (AWE) program provides challenging, hands-on, in-depth exploration for those passionate about the subjects in science, technology and engineering.

The two-day AWE courses will be held at Hawthorn Middle School NORTH, 9 a.m. – 2:30 p.m., both Saturday, October 28th and Sunday, October 29th.

See full information here:

AWE Parent Information Letter

coding robotic balls

Coding Sphero Robotic Balls

Eighth grade STEM students have been learning how to code the Sphero robotic balls. After much practice, they are now working on their own projects demonstrating their knowledge of Oval coding language. The boys are coding Sphero to go through a maze, while the girls chose to code Sphero to “release all the animals in their cages” (knock over the cups) so the poachers cannot get them and send them away to zoos!