Middle Years: Working Together for School Success

The Sept. 2013 edition of “Middle Years” is now available.   This month’s subjects include Strategies for Success.

Middle Years, 9/2013

Common Core Mission Statement

The Common Core State Standards provide a consistent, clear understanding of what students are expected to learn, so teachers and parents know what they need to do to help them. The standards are designed to be robust and relevant to the real world, reflecting the knowledge and skills that our young people need for success in college and careers. With American students fully prepared for the future, our communities will be best positioned to compete successfully in the global economy.  You can find information at

Common Core State Standards

Middle North Library Study Use Information

The Middle North library is available for students’ school work and quiet reading.  The following rules are in place for the good of all students and staff.

MSN Library Hours:

Morning:          Monday – Friday: 7:15 a.m. – 7:30 a.m.

After School:  Monday – Thursday:    2:10 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.

                          Friday:  2:10 p.m. –  3 p.m.


Before and After School Environment at MSN Library:

  1. Students will be asked to check into the library with their ID’s and they will receive a Library Pass.  The library is able to accommodate  a maximum of 35-40 students.
  2. We have ten computers available.  All STUDENT PRINTING should be for class work only.
  3. Since we have limited computers it is essential students learn to manage their time for school projects that are due.
  4. Students are welcome to the library to utilize the computers and resources in alignment with their school projects.
  5. Students are expected to behave in a courteous and respectful manner to other students and staff while working in the library.
  6. We promote a QUIET atmosphere and if you are working in a group setting we will ask you to work in a designated area not to distract others.
  7. Students are expected to remain in the library after school unless they have an appointment with a teacher or scheduled club or sport.
  8. They may leave to go home at anytime after school after finishing their school work.
  9. There is no FOOD or DRINK allowed in the library.
  10. No cellular devices will be utilized in the library.  If a student needs to contact a parent or a parent is contacting them they may use the library phone (847) 990-4433.

** Due to the necessity of some planned school functions and meetings, the library may be

   closed on some dates.


Check Out:

  1. Students will utilize their Student ID to check out a book.
  2. Check out is 3 weeks and they are able to RENEW the due date on the books.
  3. A 10 cents a day fine will be incurred for books which are overdue with a maximum of $2.00.  Afterwards, a students library privileges will be limited.
  4. All LOST or DAMAGED books will be the responsibility of the student.



School Supply Lists

Time to get ready!  Here are the   School Supply Lists

Middle School Math Explained

Hawthorn District #73 has been involved in the process of aligning our curriculum with the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics since 2010. The content of our math courses at all levels has been adjusted and as of the 2013-2014 school year, all grades from K-8, will be aligned. Below please find the new course names and descriptions for middle school math. Our curriculum remains rigorous and through our articulation with the high schools that our students attend, we are confident that our students will continue to be well-prepared for their 9th-12th grade math courses at all levels.

For more information on the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics please visit www.corestandards.org

You can find a detailed description of course offerings here: Math Course Descriptions

This We Believe – Keys to Educating Young Adolescents

The following chart will explain 16 characteristics for successfully educating our students.

This We Believe – Color Chart of Essential Attributes and 16 Characteristics.

Differentiation in Middle Grades

Did you ever wonder what Differentiation really means and how it is used in the middle school?  Here is a great explanation.

Middle Level Differentiation

Middle North Participates in Illinois Solar Schools Program

Middle School North, under the direction of teacher Doug Shearer is chosen to participate in the Solar Schools Program.  The Illinois Solar Schools and Illinois Wind Schools Program, sponsored by the Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation, teaches the value of renewable energy and energy efficiency to K-12 students. By turning school buildings into hands-on science experiments, this program makes science fun and teaches students how their everyday actions can positively impact the environment.

You can read the story of our program Energy Seeds from Mr. Paul Wallace, Com Ed Senior Lead.

Follow along with us HERE as we create and study energy created from the panels installed on the roof of our school.  Click on the Show Solar Data for up to the minute information, just as our students will be doing.  The link Solar School Data is also available under the Student Links for easy access.

Student Online Meal Payment

Hawthorn students are part of the online meal prepayment/management system from Meals Plus called Lunch Pre Pay. This a a secure and convenient way to apply funds directly to your student’s meal account using a credit or debit card. Parents can easily check the account balance and review student purchases through a simple-to-use 90 day history report. You may also sign up to receive a low balance email notification.

Families are urged to begin using http://www.LunchPrepay.com. To register for the program you will need to first go online and setup an account for each student. The account requires your child’s student ID number, which each family receives in early September. (If you do not receive your child’s ID after school begins, please contact the Middle North Office at 947-990-4400 and they will assist you.) There is no membership fee for Hawthorn parents to use this system, however there is a $1.95 transaction fee to cover bank/credit card processing fees.
Please register today:

Go online to http://www.LunchPrepay.com

Summer Reading List

Time is passing quickly.  Have you read your summer books yet?  Check out the Summer Reading List and also the Reading Log.

PE Uniforms and Locks

PE uniforms and locks will no longer be able to be purchased at school.  New students will need 2 locks, one for their classroom locker and one for their PE locker.

Beginning July 5th, you can purchase all student’s PE uniforms and locks at

 Sports 11
838 S. Milwaukee Ave.
Libertyville IL
847 680-1511


Important Information: Middle North and South and VHHS Athletics

Hawthorn Middle Schools North and South and Vernon Hills High School will only be allowing a student athlete to join an athletic program if the student athlete has a physical that will be valid for the entire season.

Clarification: the sports physical does not cover the comprehensive needed for entry to 6th or 9th grade.  Students who take the comprehensive exam will be covered athletically, if the doctor checks the participation box on that comprehensive form.  The students would not need both physicals.

To help families get on the “right” physical cycle, we are partnering with Accelerated Rehabilitation Services to offer $20 (Please make checks Payable to Accelerated Rehabilitation Centers) Sports Physicals on the following dates:

● Wednesday June 5 – 12pm-3pm – Vernon Hills HS First come – First Served at VHHS

●Monday June 10 – 2pm-7pm – Hawthorn Middle North

Sign up HERE


If you have questions, please call:
VHHS Athletics – 847-932-2023 or 847-932-2022

Hawthorn Athletics – 847-990-4482

Parent/Guardians of Incoming Sixth Graders and Incoming Freshman – the Sports Physical your child will receive will allow them to participate in sports, but you will still need to get a comprehensive physical examination to enter Middle School or High School. 

You can print the informational flyer here:  Summer Physicals Flyer

Middle North Photo Albums

MN has so many exciting things happening daily.  You can see photos

in the Photo Albums.  Come back often for updated photos.