SOS Signs of Suicide Prevention Program

To proactively address these issues, Hawthorn Middle School North is offering depression awareness, self-injury, and suicide prevention training as part of the evidence- based SOS Signs of Suicide Prevention Program.

If you have any questions about the program and/or your child’s participation in the program, please email Lori Rockoff or (847) 990-4467 or contact Brian Van or call (847) 990-4424. If you prefer your child not participate in this Social Emotional Learning initiative please submit a written letter to Lori Rockoff or Brian Van and at that time your child will be given an alternate activity. If you prefer to be contacted with risk concerns prior to someone meeting with your child, please also contact Mrs. Rockoff or Mr. Van prior to the start of the program.

Best Regards,

Lori Rockoff, Social Worker

Bran Van, Social Worker

Robert Collins, Principal

Charity Trowbridge, Assistant Principal

SOS Parent Letter 2018