District Technology Assessment

Beginning in October, Hawthorn will be working with Single Path, a technology management and enhancement company, to assess the state of our District’s technology and make suggestions for improving our resources to better serve students and staff. Part of Single Path’s efforts will incorporate physically assessing our existing technology resources and how they are used in the classroom.  Please read the following backpack letter from Superintendent, Nick Brown:

Back Pack Letter 10/8/13

Senator Link Visits Middle North

After PE teacher John Ostrander and several students presented at Tech 2013 in Springfield, Senator Terry Link wanted to see their presentation in action.  MN welcomed Senator Link last week. Mr. Ostrander, with the help of Jackie K., Abby H., and Jonathan W. gave him a tour of the school and showed the use of technology in our classrooms.  Senator Link met with several staff, and answered questions from students in the cafeteria.  You can find pictures of his visit in the Image Galleries.