Hawthorn 5K Hustle

5K Virtual Hawthorn Hustle – 11/7

$10 Per Race Entry | $10 Per Race T-Shirt $5 per Raffle Ticket or 6 for $25

Run the Course at Century Park, your neighborhood or a treadmill. Just make sure 3.1 miles and track your run via a mobile running app.

Details online on how to upload your time!page1image35230592

Info & Registration at



Questions hawthornhustle@hawthornpto.org

MSN Conferences -COVID Style

Las conferencias de Padres y Maestros se llevarán a cabo el ​Lunes 23 de Noviembre y el Martes 24 de Noviembre de 2020​. Debido a nuestras circunstancias únicas, las conferencias de padres y maestros de 2020 serán VIRTUALES.

Parent-Teacher conferences will be held on ​Monday, November 23, and Tuesday, November 24, 2020. ​Due to our unique circumstances, 2020 Parent Teacher-Conferences will be VIRTUAL.