Zoom screen of Scores

Science Olympiad Team Scores High and Medals in New Events

Middle North’s Science Olympiad Team attended the Badger Invitational and received 4th place out of 57 teams from all over the country.  The other three teams were 11th, 22nd and 45th.  We are very proud of our students for virtually participating and even medaling in new events.

MEDAL PLACEMENTS (up to 8th Place receive medals)
Circuit Lab 8th Place Zoe /  Evan   (10th place Arushi /Stephen)
Code Busters 10th Place Shaila / Adin / Aadit  Way to go!!
Density Lab 6th Place Aishi / Eeman
Digital Structures 9th Place Anya
Disease Detectives 5th Place Om / Rodrigo   (11th Place Ryan / Aarush)
Experimental Design 3rd Place Zoe / Madelyn / Rodrigo
Food Science 11th Place   Madelyn / Rohit
Game On  8th Place Hamiz / Aditya
Geocaching 7th Place Aadit / Emma
Geocaching 3rd Place Shruthi / Pratham
Geocaching 2nd Place Cal / Eeman
Horticulture 4th Place Raghav / Hamiz
Horticulture 5th Place Shivam / Anya
Horticulture 11th Place Gobind / Adin
Meteorology 11th Place Aishi / Kristina
Mystery Build 8th Place Rohit / Cal (10th Place Raghav / Srishanth)
Mission Possible 11th Place Cal / Evan
Ornithology 3rd Place Anya / Cal
RFTS: 5th Place Aishi / Kristina
RFTS 6th Place Ashva / Raghav
Solar Power: 4th Place: Aarush / Pratham
Solar Power: 5th Place Anya / Shivam
Virology 10th Place Om / Rodrigo
Virology 11th Place Serena / Sophia
Water Quality 11th Place Aarush / Hamiz
Write IT CAD It 9th Place Lucas / Edy WAY TO GO!!!!!