A Letter from Mr. Collins


 We have cleaned out 1400 lockers and are ready for pick-up! Here are some tips! 

Have you read the. schedule?    Read it here:

MSN Parents should enter from Hawthorn Parkway bus lane.  The bus lane is next to Hawthorn Elementary North (map enclosed).  The bus lane entrance will eliminate any traffic jams with Hawthorn Elementary North.  

Pick Up Directions Map

Talk with your child.  Many students have brought their belongings home already.  If this is the case, there is no need to come to school.  MANY lockers were empty.  Please check with your child. Many locks were cut-off.  Why?  If the combination was not correct or not reported, we could not get into the locker.  Again, 1400 lockers were cleaned-out, and many locks needed to be cut-off. 

If you are coming to pick-up your child’s belongings, please write your child’s name and grade on a piece of paper.  You will place this paper in your window for the staff to see. A staff member will bring out your child’s belongings.  Again, please check with your child if you need to come.  MANY lockers were empty.

YEARBOOKS arrived!   If you purchased a yearbook, parents would be able to pick it up!   Questions about yearbooks? Please contact. Ms. Serlin serlinr@hawthorn73.org or Ms. Hoffman hoffmanl@hawthorn73.org 

If you are dropping off uniforms, books, etc., please place in a bag marked with your child’s name and grade. 

EIGHTH GRADE:  If you are paying for your child’s promotion robe, please make sure the payment is in a marked envelope.  You will give the envelope to a staff member. Eighth-grade awards/diplomas/yearbooks will be placed in bags. 

Information Regarding Purchasing Your Child’s Robe:  https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeSWEJ8PExZ8ee4WvnnEu0mIIb6LzcmKz8nwaKh9xvk24fdig/viewform 

As you may remember, the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) has provided school districts with a limited number of “Remote Learning Planning Days.” These days allow staff members to spend time engaging in structured training and planning sessions focused on remote learning. Our next Remote Learning Planning Day is scheduled for Friday, May 22nd. While live conferencing and other forms of “real-time” communication will not be available on these dates, teachers will post learning plans to support the continuation of routines and structures that help ensure students are learning and connected to the school.  

May. 17, 2020,  Parent Tips!