Additional Testing Time

Due to testing taking longer than expected, we will be adding additional times for students to complete their tests. This information will be communicated with students by their first academic teachers. They will test with the same teacher and use the same link for each session. If a student finishes and does not need more time, the teacher will communicate what other work needs to be done. Please reach out to your child’s teachers with any questions! 
8th grade MAP reading:September 21st (A day) – 9:20-10:40September 23rd (A day) – 11:40-1:00
8th grade MAP math: September 22nd (B day)- 9:20-10:40 AND 11:40-1:00
7th grade MAP reading: September 23rd (A day) – 11:20-12:40, 12:50-2:10
7th grade MAP math: September 24th (B day) – 11:20-12:40, 12:50-2:10
6th grade reading: September 29th (B day) – 8:10-9:30, 9:40-11:00
6th grade math: September 30th (A day)- 8:10-9:30, 9:40-11:00