Applied Tech Volunteers at Hour of Code

A team of 8th graders from Mrs. Stahl’s Applied Technology class crossed the parking lot to volunteer for Elementary North’s “Hour of Code” that was held on Friday, December 12. The 8th graders learned to code in Mrs. Stahl’s class and wanted to take their training and share it with 5th graders at Elementary North. Activities they helped facilitate were a cup stacking challenge called “My Robotic Friend”.  For this activity students learned to code without using computers or IOS devices.  Instead, they used plastic cups and a number board to represent coding.  They also helped the 5th graders learn the basics of computer programming in Lightbot. Overall, it was a learning experience enjoyed by both the middle school students and the fifth graders!!   Enjoy a few pictures here as well as more in the Photo Gallery

IMG_1961_2 IMG_1963_2 IMG_1964_2