Battle of the Books Competition

Battle of the Books is a club which we have in the library to promote literacy and the love of reading.  The middle school students participate during their lunches once a week to read and discuss the books they have read from the 2015 Rebecca Caudill Collection. There were 24 – 34 students who participated throughout the year.  Students formulated teams and discussed which books they would read from the collection.
We have two teams for each grade level — (6th, 7th and 8th).   Battle of the Book Championship was held Friday where the grade levels competed against each other.  The final teams within MSN who competed were the 6th grade vs. 8th grade.  The 8th graders were the Champions this year.  We celebrated with a pizza party afterwards and each student was awarded a book from the Scholastic Book Fair.
Enjoy some pictures for he event here and in the MN Photo and Video Gallery.
Red – 6th grade team:  Rahul, Sean, Cayla, Mary, Alejandra, Eric, Aryav, Micheal, Brian.
Blue – 7th grade team: Josue, Brandon, Bianca, Alondra, Alex, James, Tommie
Green – 8th grade team: Natalia, Janice, Lia, Patrick, Jack, Serena, Eugene
Staff: Pink – Mrs. Olsen and Mrs.Goodman – Mrs. Wollard (not pictured)


Rebecca Caudill Young Readers Book Award is an annual award given to the author of the book voted most outstanding by students in Grade 4 – 8.  The students are able to vote for their favorite book in the collection and their vote is sent to RCYRA.  Each year there are 20 books in the collection.