Bravo MN and MS Musicians

First, a HUGE thanks for everyone who helped with the organizational contest this weekend.  Middle North, Elementary North, and Townline, were packed.   Bravo to Mr. Cantagallo, Mrs. Greenwell, and Mrs. LaBissoniere, for hosting this event…you guys are a class act!  Thanks for all you do for our students.

Second, CONGRATULATIONS to the music staff and students of Hawthorn Middle School South and Hawthorn Middle School North.   Choir, band, and orchestra, from both schools received superior-first ratings.  Six first place ratings!  It was great to see the score sheets from across the MSN cafeteria with glowing firsts from both HAWTHORN schools.
It was great to see the faces of  Middle South and Middle North students after they finished performing…our students clearly understood they were well prepared and sounded excellent.
Bravo to our music staff!
Our students looked professional and performed at the highest level of excellence
Thanks for making a difference