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Parent Education Workshop

Un Taller de Educación para los Padres

Tuesday, May 4th 7PM-9PM

6:30pm Doors Open for Registration and Information Mundelein High School Auditorium

1350 W. Hawley Street, Mundelein, IL 60060

Stand Up Parent Workshop at Mundelein High School

Tuesday, May 4th 7PM-9PM

Join us and a panel of experts for our in-person, Parent Education Workshop Series and the Stay Out of My Room Display! This is an English and Spanish event open to ALL Community Parents.

Acompáñanos con una mesa redonda para un evento, en persona, que se llama Un Taller de Educación para los Padres y una exposición que se llama No Entre a Mi Cuarto! Este evento se presenta en español e inglés, y se ofrece a TODOS los padres de la comunidad.

All COVID-19 safety precautions will be in effect. Masks are required.

6:30pm Doors Open for Registration and Information 

Mundelein High School Auditorium

1350 W. Hawley Street, Mundelein, IL 60060

Toma lugar el martes,

el 4 de mayo entre las 7-9PM

Las Puertas Abren a las 6:30pm para Apuntarse y Recibir Información El Auditorio de Mundelein High School

1350 W. Hawley Street, Mundelein, IL 60060

Science Olympiad Zoom screen

MSN Science Olympiad Team Scores Its Highest Placement Ever at State

Congratulations to Middle North’s Varsity Science Olympiad Team!  They were runner-up to the two national teams and 3rd in State! This is the HIGHEST ever placement at State for Middle North.  Varsity Team members included: Shruthi M., Anya S., Eeman D., Kristina S., Aishi A., Zoe M., Rodrigo B., Om K., Stephen C., Cal S., Madelyn W., Hamiz I., Arushi P., Shivam A., and Rohit D. Coached by Mrs. Frayman and Mrs. Sabharwal, the team worked hard to shine during their first virtual season. We are so proud of their efforts!  Hawthorn North earned 10 medals:

Anatomy: 4th Place: Zoe/ Anya
Crime Busters: 2nd Place: Arushi / Kristina
Density Lab: 3rd Place: Aishi / Eeman
Disease Detectives: 4th Place: Om / Rodrigo
Experimental Design: 5th Place: Zoe / Madelyn / Rodrigo
Game On: 2nd Place: Anya / Om
Machines: 5th Place: Zoe / Stephen
Mousetrap Vehicle: 4th Place: Rohit / Shivam
Ornithology: 5th Place: Cal / Anya
Ping Pong Parachute: 1st Place: Shivam / Rohit

Police officers standing with bikes

Middle North Builds a Biking Unit with Help from Community Members

Hawthorn is grateful to the Vernon Hills Police Department for helping Hawthorn Middle North’s physical education teachers build a biking unit. While the students learned about biking virtually with regards to safety, maintenance and access to local trails this year, they will be riding the bikes during the next school year. Additionally, the District thanks M&M Cyclery in Mundelein for helping with the maintenance of these bikes as teachers get them ready for the riders. Middle North is accepting donated bikes. For more information, please contact Kyle McKenzie at:

Mathcon logo

Congrats to Students Who Qualified for the MathCON Finals

Congratulations to Stephen P. (8th grade), Zoe M. (8th grade) and Stephen C. (7th grade) who have qualified to participate in the MathCON finals on May 1 in Chicago. The virtual finals will be followed by an awards ceremony. Way to go! And, congratulations to MathCON alternate finalists Emma J. (7th grade), Lucas J. (6th grade), Aadit N. (7th grade) and Eeman D. (8th grade). A big shout out to all the finalists and congratulations to all the students who participated in the MathCON contest.

decorated cake

Make It! Bake It! Cake It!

Yesterday’s Make It – Bake It – Cake It Contest was so much fun.  Middle North contestants were given 20 minutes to decorate their pre-made cakes. The judges watched via Zoom as students decorated their cakes with a St. Patrick’s Day theme. Congratulations to winners Julianne and Romy.

Orchestra Members Perform a Ballad

Middle North’s Seventh/Eighth Grade Orchestra performed a ballad on their first full hybrid day.

team participants

Science Olympiad Varsity Team Named Regional Champions

Congratulations to the Hawthorn Middle North Science Olympiad Varsity Team, which earned the title of Regional Champions for the 3rd year in a row on Saturday, March 6th. The varsity team received over 16 1st place finishes for a dominating finish in their Regional. The JV teams did outstanding as well and received over 11 1st place finishes. The Varsity team is next headed to State on April 10th. The Regional Varsity Team members include: Zoe M., Anya S., Arushi P., Stephen C., Kristina S., Aishi A., Eeman D., Om K., Rodrigo B., Shivam A., Rohit D., Madelyn W., Shruthi M., Hamiz I. and Cal S. Head coaches Mrs. Frayman and Mrs. Sabharwal and the rest of Hawthorn are proud of their accomplishments!

Zoom screen of Scores

Science Olympiad Team Scores High and Medals in New Events

Middle North’s Science Olympiad Team attended the Badger Invitational and received 4th place out of 57 teams from all over the country.  The other three teams were 11th, 22nd and 45th.  We are very proud of our students for virtually participating and even medaling in new events.

MEDAL PLACEMENTS (up to 8th Place receive medals)
Circuit Lab 8th Place Zoe /  Evan   (10th place Arushi /Stephen)
Code Busters 10th Place Shaila / Adin / Aadit  Way to go!!
Density Lab 6th Place Aishi / Eeman
Digital Structures 9th Place Anya
Disease Detectives 5th Place Om / Rodrigo   (11th Place Ryan / Aarush)
Experimental Design 3rd Place Zoe / Madelyn / Rodrigo
Food Science 11th Place   Madelyn / Rohit
Game On  8th Place Hamiz / Aditya
Geocaching 7th Place Aadit / Emma
Geocaching 3rd Place Shruthi / Pratham
Geocaching 2nd Place Cal / Eeman
Horticulture 4th Place Raghav / Hamiz
Horticulture 5th Place Shivam / Anya
Horticulture 11th Place Gobind / Adin
Meteorology 11th Place Aishi / Kristina
Mystery Build 8th Place Rohit / Cal (10th Place Raghav / Srishanth)
Mission Possible 11th Place Cal / Evan
Ornithology 3rd Place Anya / Cal
RFTS: 5th Place Aishi / Kristina
RFTS 6th Place Ashva / Raghav
Solar Power: 4th Place: Aarush / Pratham
Solar Power: 5th Place Anya / Shivam
Virology 10th Place Om / Rodrigo
Virology 11th Place Serena / Sophia
Water Quality 11th Place Aarush / Hamiz
Write IT CAD It 9th Place Lucas / Edy WAY TO GO!!!!!

Zoom Screen Shot of Math Team

Math Team Members Excel in National Competitions

Middle School North’s Math Club members are doing a great job competing in national MATHCOUNTS competitions.  MATHCOUNTS provides engaging math programs to US middle school students of all ability levels to build confidence and improve attitudes about math and problem solving. Congratulations to Stephen P., an eighth grade student, who qualified and successfully competed in the 2021 MATHCOUNT Chapter Invitational Competition. This invitational was only for those students who had made it to the top 20%.

Congratulations to the Math Club members for all their hard work, which continues to pay off. This is the third year that the Math Club has participated in MATHCOUNTS. This year’s team includes:

Aadit B. -7th grade
Aishi A. – 8th grade
Anya S. – 8th grade
Arnav G. – 6th grade (3rd top scorer)
Eeman D. – 8th grade
Emma J. – 7th grade
Evan C. – 7th grade
Lucas J. – 6th grade
Meera D. – 6th grade
Shreya M. – 8th grade
Shruthi M. – 8th grade
Stephen C. – 7th grade
Stephen P. – 8th grade (1st top scorer)
Zoe M. – 8th grade (2nd top scorer)

Picture Day

School Picture Day Is Coming

Good Afternoon Hawthorn Parents,

Your children’s picture day is approaching fast.  We will be in your schools the first 2 weeks of March, please watch your school’s website for your child’s picture day!

Zoom screen announcing winning teams

Science Olympiad Team Heads Toward Regionals

The Middle School North Science Olympiad Team received 3rd place and 5th Place out of 22 teams at the West Ottawa Virtual Invitational on February 13th, 2021.  We are so proud of their continued accomplishments as they head toward regionals.  

Individual Medal Winners are as follows:
6th Place Anatomy Aarush / Aditya
2nd Place Circuit Lab Arushi / Stephen
4th Place Circuit Lab Zoe / Aadit
2nd Place Crime Busters Kristina / Tamara
3rd Place Crime Busters Arushi / Naina  1st time 6th grade winner!!!
2nd Place Density Lab Eeman / Diya
4th Place Density Lab Stephen / Prabdohan 1st time 6th grade winner!! 
4th Place Disease Detectives Om / Anya
1st Place Dynamic Planet Eeman / Ashva
2nd Place Experimental Design Zoe / Sashank / John Z 1st time 6th grade winner!!!
6th Place Food Science Arushi / Madelyn
6th Place Fossils Anya / Michael 1st time 6th grade winner!!!
1st Place Heredity Om / Madelyn
1st Place Machines Stephen / Naina  1st time 6th grade winner!!!
4th Place Machines  Zoe / Sashank
4th Place Meteorology Aadit / Ashva
2nd Place Ornithology Anya / Emma 1st time 6th grade winner!!
3rd Place RFTS Kristina / Ashva
3rd Place Road Scholar Eeman / Adin
3rd Place Water Quality Hamiz / Aarush
3rd Place Write It CAD IT Lucas / Emma

Additionally, Middle North received second place overall out of 36 teams at the Kildeer invitational. The other two teams were 11th and 28th overall.  We are so proud of our kids for virtually competing and everything that they do!

5th Place Overall Circuit Lab Amelie Arushi 
3rd Place Overall Crime Busters Arushi / Kristina
2nd Place JV Anatomy Zoe / Anya (8th place overall)
4th Place JV Anatomy  Sophia / Aarush
1st Place Overall Density Lab Eeman / Aishi
1st Place Overall Disease Detectives Om / Rodrigo
2nd Place Overall Dynamic Planet Eeman / Aishi
3rd Place JV and 4th Place Overall Dynamic Planet Shivam / Ashva
3rd Place JV Elastic Glider Rohit
6th Place Overall Experimental Design Zoe / Madelyn / Rodrigo
3rd Place Overall Food Science Arushi / Madelyn
2nd Place Overall Fossils Tamara / Ashva
5th Place Overall Fossils Om / Anya
1st Place Overall Heredity Om / Rodrigo
2nd Place Overall Game On Aditya / Jonathan  Way to Go!
2nd Place Overall Meteorology Aishi / Kristina
2nd Place JV  Meteorology Ashva / Aadit
3rd Place Mission Possible Cal
6th Place Overall Ornithology Cal / Anya
3rd Place Overall Ping Pong Parachute Shivam / Rohit
2nd Place Overall RFTS Aishi / Kristina
7th Place Overall / 3rd Place RFTS JV Ashva / Tamara
4th Place Overall Road Scholar Eeman / Kristina
2nd Place JV Water Quality Aarush / Rohit

Donate Blood Graphic

Support Community Blood Drive in Honor of Principal Robert Collins

A blood drive has been organized in honor of Principal Robert Collins. It will take place on Wednesday, Feb. 17, from 1 to 7 p.m. at Vernon Hills Park District, 635 N. Aspen Drive in Vernon Hills. Show your love this Valentine’s Day by donating your blood in honor of Robert Collins. To make an appointment, use the link below: