Red Ribbon Week Kicks Off!

Middle North students celebrating the kick off to Red Ribbon Week by wearing red today!

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Sew What Club Paint Pumpkins

The Sew Club had a blast making these painted pumpkins!  They turned out really cute!

IMG_1396 IMG_1394 IMG_1393 IMG_1384 IMG_1392 IMG_0028 IMG_0026

Morning Supervision Begins at 7:15

As the weather gets colder, please remember that morning supervision at MN does not begin until 7:15.  Students will have no supervision and will have to wait outside until the doors open if they arrive earlier.  Please plan your morning accordingly.

8th Grade T-Shirt Contest Winner

Congratulations to Ariel C. who won the 8th grade t-shirt contest.  Her eagle will be pictured on all the shirts and sweatshirts which will be available for purchase soon.  All participants in the contest are invited to paint their eagle on a large canvas to be proudly displayed at MN.

MN Eagle

Staff Decorates Pumpkins

MN staff got together to decorate pumpkins.  Thank you to the social committee for planning this fun for us!





Holiday Cards for Troops


Mrs. Ring and Mrs. Stahl’s advisory’s are making homemade holiday cards for our troops overseas in conjunction with Michaels Arts and Craft store.  This project fits in with our community service/leadership advisory theme.


Runners Show Well at State

Middle North’s own Lauren and Payton did a great job at the state meet Saturday!  It was amazing to see the fastest runners in Illinois racing together with Payton and Lauren in the front group.  On top of that, Payton finished in 18th place with a time of 12:14 (over 2 miles).  Put simply, that is  an awesome achievement.  Here are a few pics of the day.

IMG_8976 IMG_9042

MN Girls Basketball Team are Conference Champions!

Our seventh grade girls are the conference CHAMPIONS!  Way to go MSN Eagles.  Proud of all of you!


Sew What Club Makes Lanterns

The Sew What Club is in the first stages of making Halloween lanterns!   If you would like to join Sew What for the next project stay tuned to the news!


Congratulations Hawthorn Musicians!

The following students have been accepted into the IMEA District 7 Honors Band, Orchestra, and Chorus:

  • Joey A.
  • Darby B.
  • Sage B.
  • Anya C.
  • Ariel C.
  • Ceci G.
  • Lauren G.
  • Lou H.
  • Tony H.
  • Scott H.
  • Chris H.
  • Iris H.
  • Karl K.
  • Morgan K.
  • Gosia K.
  • Abby K.
  • Alyssa L.
  • Adam L.
  • Lily M.
  • Hannah M.
  • Amanda P.
  • Breena S.
  • Sheri V.
  • Kaitlyn Z.

They will be taking part in the IMEA Junior Festival at Wauconda High School on Saturday November 2.  This will include and afternoon concert.  All are welcomed and encouraged to attend!!!

“Snow Day” Test Message – Oct. 27th / Sistema de Mensajes de Emergencia – Oct. 27

Hawthorn will test the Emergency Message System on the evening of Sunday, October 27th.

El domingo, 27 de octubre por la tarde Hawthorn pondrá a prueba el sistema de mensajes de emergencia.

The message will go to the phone, email and text messages you selected through the PowerSchool website.  If you do not set preferences, the message will go to the student home phone number provided at registration.

Please see the main Dist. 73 website for information about managing your emergency messages through the Power School Website.

Hawthorn Dist. 73 – Emergency Calls

Hawthorn’s Notification System / Sistema de Notificación de Hawthorn

If school will be closed due to snow or other emergencies, Hawthorn will communicate in several ways:

  • We will send a recorded message to the home phone number on file for each student, unless a parent modifies that request.
  • We will post information on the District website
  • We will send information to, which in turn sends information to local radio and TV stations.

Información general sobre el Sistema de Notificación de Hawthorn Si la escuela estará cerrada debido al mal tiempo u otra emergencia, Hawthorn se comunicará de varias maneras:

  • Le enviaremos un mensaje grabado al número de teléfono en el expediente de cada estudiante, a menos que un padre decida modificar esa solicitud (vea información a la izquierda).
  • Publicaremos información en el sitio web del Distrito,
  • Enviaremos información a cual a su vez la envía a la radio y televisión local.

Breakfast Available to All Students

Eating breakfast is important for everyone, but is especially so for children. Our food service Sodexo, provides a daily breakfast with a variety of foods including fresh fruit, low fat milk, 100% juice and a well balanced nutritious list of healthy grain items.
There is always a hot item and 2 to go breakfast choice options. Students are allowed to come  to the cafeteria before school and enjoy a healthy breakfast. It is clear that there are many benefits to a healthy breakfast, not only does it give you energy to start a new day, but it can make a positive difference in a child’s performance and enhance their learning.
Parents should register at to monitor their child’s meal information.  Students will use their school IDs for breakfast and lunch purchases.

MN Honors Our Own Breast Cancer Survivors

MN Honoring our own survivors by wearing pink today.


Red Ribbon Week Activities

Red Ribbon Week kicks off on Wed., Oct. 23rd, and ends on Halloween!  You can get your schedule here:

Red Ribbon Week 2013