Coins for Goats! Student Council Event

Starting next Monday, 12/7,  MSN Student Council members have planned to have a school wide competition in efforts to fundraise monies for goats (per “Free the Children” organization)!  The goats are $50 each.  The students will choose a country (or countries) in which to donate the goat(s) depending on the amount of money donated.  The goat is then used for milk, cheese, etc. within that community of need.
– Competition will run 12/7/15 – 12/11/15
– Collection containers will be given out Monday morning to each homeroom.
– Students and staff are asked to donate coins in favor of their homeroom/team…during homeroom or lunch.
– Students and staff are asked to donate bills to “sabotage” other homerooms/teams…during lunch.
– The team (6, 7, or 8…blue or gold) with the most money will be announced at our PEP assembly on 12/18/15