Zoom Screen Shot of Math Team

Math Team Members Excel in National Competitions

Middle School North’s Math Club members are doing a great job competing in national MATHCOUNTS competitions.  MATHCOUNTS provides engaging math programs to US middle school students of all ability levels to build confidence and improve attitudes about math and problem solving. Congratulations to Stephen P., an eighth grade student, who qualified and successfully competed in the 2021 MATHCOUNT Chapter Invitational Competition. This invitational was only for those students who had made it to the top 20%.

Congratulations to the Math Club members for all their hard work, which continues to pay off. This is the third year that the Math Club has participated in MATHCOUNTS. This year’s team includes:

Aadit B. -7th grade
Aishi A. – 8th grade
Anya S. – 8th grade
Arnav G. – 6th grade (3rd top scorer)
Eeman D. – 8th grade
Emma J. – 7th grade
Evan C. – 7th grade
Lucas J. – 6th grade
Meera D. – 6th grade
Shreya M. – 8th grade
Shruthi M. – 8th grade
Stephen C. – 7th grade
Stephen P. – 8th grade (1st top scorer)
Zoe M. – 8th grade (2nd top scorer)