Dist. 73 Student Art Show at Aspen Drive Library

Aspen Drive Library will be having an open reception featuring work created by students from across Hawthorn Dist. 73.  Artwork will be on display March 12th through April 4th.  All are welcome to attend the reception, or just to view the artwork during those weeks.

The following MN students will have their artwork featured in the District #73 2015 Art Show.

Tijana A., Artem A., Stephen A., Abby B., Patrick C., Kevin C., Casey C., Jayne C., Aishwarya D., Sebastian D., Sofia F., Katie G., Alyssa G., Brian G., Michal H., Alexandra H., Michelle J., Chaeyoung K., Erin K., Mitchell K., Kelly L., Benny L., Stephanie L., Dylan M., Lane M., Savannah M., Cassie P., Andy R., Nate R., Iviiy S., Zander S., Olivia S., Lexi S., Emma S., Nadia T., Trinity U., Riya V., Giselle Y., Alex Z., Magalalena Z.,

You can find all pertinent information here:

Art Show Invitation

Art Show