District Welcomes New Officer

Hawthorn welcomes new police resource officer Jon Paret to its school corridors after officer Andy Jones returned to regular duties with the Vernon Hills Police Department after serving District 73 for seven years.

Detective Paret, who has begun his 26th year with the Vernon Hills Police Department, will share his time with both middle schools and will be on hand as needed for the elementary schools.

“Any concerns that arise I will deal with them from residency matters to a lost violin to fighting and bullying,” Detective Paret said.

The police resource officer also works with health teachers to educate students about drugs and alcohol. He is involved in the Operation Snowflake program for Grades 7 and 8. This program believes that the use of alcohol and other drugs during the teen years can be devastating to physical, social and emotional growth. Detective Paret encourages students to talk to him about concerns they may have or he may talk to a student regarding poor choices he/she is making.

“Officer Paret has jumped into his new position and is creating positive relationships with students and parents” said Principal Robert Collins.

Added Superintendent Nick Brown, “We appreciate such a strong relationship with our local police department that helps make this resource officer program a success.”