Help the Homeless for Just $2.50!

Mrs. Dzhurov’s writing class has found a passion and want to help ease the difficulties for the homeless in our area.  Let’s all work together and make a difference!  The following is the speech some of her representatives is sharing with the entire Middle North school community:

Hi we are Sari, Elizabeth and Veronica and Rebecca. Recently in Mrs. Dzhurov’s writing class we wrote an expository essay on the realities of homelessness in America.  This topic quickly became a passion for all of us as we began our research. We really wanted to do something about this issue, and need your help.  Not everyone has a home or somewhere to live.  Can you imagine if you or someone you know lived on the streets!  Let’s help the homeless!

Our plan is to raise money together that we can use to purchase needed winter supplies for the homeless.  Such as:  hats, gloves, scarves, and more.  We have had a very cold winter and lots of snow.  Homeless people are in need.  In addition, we are planning to serve at a local soup kitchen to serve meals to those on the streets after school at the end of Feburary.  All are welcome to join and sign up to help.

We are asking for help from each team: 6th, 7th, and 8th grade gold and blue teams to participate in the fundraiser. Each team will have a labeled jug that will be located in the library.  Whichever team raises $250 by February 21 will get an ice cream party.

We calculated that if each person contributes about $2.50, you can reach this goal.  This is a great opportunity to give back to your community. We need your help!  Collection of the donations will start today and run through next week.  You only have about a week to bring in your donations!  Please join with us!

We know that you can make a difference!