MAP Tips for Proctors

MAP – Proctor Checklist-2

Please create your Testing Sessions at least 24 hours prior to your first scheduled test.  For building-specific schedules please refer to communications from your building administrator. 
Here are some supports for you to create your Testing Sessions (These are the same as last spring):
1.  Gather class lists for students you are and are not (IEP/504) testing for Reading and Math – These should come from staff at your building.
2.  Please login to the NWEA site below.  
3.  Click on “MAP Essentials Online Training – Short Tutorials to Get you Started”
4.  Click on “Testing”
5.  Click on “Proctor Quick Start – 9 minutes” This video will show you exactly how to create your testing sessions.
6.  Click on “Proctor Tools – 9 minutes”  This video will remind you how to supervise testing sessions, suspend tests, etc.
7.  Please note after watching the video and you are ready to create your Test Sessions:  
*  Please UNCECK students you are NOT testing from your rosters.
*  Please create a different test session for each group you are testing (Reading/Math, etc.)
*  Please choose the CORRECT test for your students:
Grades K/1 – MAP:  Reading Primary Grades Common Core 2010/MAP:  Math Primary Grades Common Core 2010 v2
Grades 2-5:  MAP:  Reading 205 Common Core 2010 V2/MAP:  Math 2-5 Common Core 2010 V2
Grades 6-8:  MAP:  Reading 6+ Common Core 2010 V2/MAP:  Math 6+ Common Core 2010 V2
Please ensure your click SAVE SESSION and do NOT select TEST NOW.  
Test Now begins the testing process immediately and waits for the students to login:  
This should be clicked ONLY when your students are seated and ready to take the test.  
Saving the Session will give you the option to create your own username:
Please follow this Naming Convention:  ALL LOWERCASE – f14/2letterbuildingcode/2letterteacherinitial/MMDD/r or m for reading or math/am or pm
Example of test session name for Lisa Cerauli’s reading test at Elementary South in the afternoon on September 10th
Here is the link to get you started creating your sessions now:
Attached are 2 PDF documents with Tips and Troubleshooting Help, as well.