MN Science Olympiad Team excels at College of Lake County Regional Competition

The Science Olympiad Team competed in the College of Lake County Regional Competition last Saturday.  The Varsity team took home the 3rd place team trophy, winning medals in 20 out of 23 events.  The Junior Varsity team did well competing in 15 events and finishing 6th place overall as a team.

Congratulations to all the students on our Varsity and JV Teams:

Hiba A., Neel C., Kevin D., Cassidy D., Yulia K., Ethan L., Hayden L., Sophia L., Nikhil M., Ryan M., Anmol P., Rithva R., Lou H., Trinity H., Rinkey S., Riya S., Sasha S., Kaitlyn Z., Kelly, Z., and Alex Z.

 A big thanks to all our teacher, parent and VHHS student coaches under the leadership of Mr. Shearer and Monica Lau!   They all worked tirelessly to help prepare our students for their success at the competition!  And now, the Varsity team will be moving on to the state competition in Champaign on April 12th!  HMN took pride and accomplishment in bringing science to life!