Mrs. Dzhurov’s Class Supports PADS

Mrs. Dzhurov’s sixth grade writing class watched a Fox News segment on a homeless teacher from Orange County California named Angela Curry.  While at a board meeting supporting her school district she was asked to state her home address.  Shocked by the question she unexpectedly announced she was in fact homeless.  As she told her story about being homeless with two children – Mrs. Dzhurov’s class began to investigate homelessness in America.  As her students uncovered the realities of homelessness as well as the faces of homelessness they individually wrote their findings in an expository essay to showcase their in-depth research.  After unveiling their research, her students wanted to do something more than just write about this sad reality.  They wanted to help.  As a result, her students hosted a fundraiser for the homeless raising a total of $650.00 they donated to the Lake County Pads Organization.  In addition, there were donations of hats, scarfs, gloves, boots, jackets, and winter pants in effort to keep the homeless children warm this winter.
Taking this one step further there was a group of 27 students who volunteered their time to help set up for the Pads Shelter on March 20th at the St. Mary of Vernon Church.  These students set up 35 beds for women and children, 15 beds for men, 60 seats for dinner, and 15 seats for a movie.  The students sorted laundry, laid out pads, made up beds, set tables, sorted lunches, and worked very hard.  A huge thank you to the staff, students, and community of MSN for your support, and help with this fundraiser.  Another big thanks to the parents and students who served Pads on March 20th and worked hard to create a small taste of home for those in need.  Thank you to Stephen Love and the Lake County Pads for allowing us to help and utilizing our donations to help those in the community.  Thank you to Rick Kambic for publicizing our hard work and effort.
You can find more pictures of their efforts in the Image Galleries
Thank you to the following students who served at the Pads set up: 
James A.
Ariel B.
Aileen C.
Nick B.
Kaitlyn G.
Veronica G.
Cassidy G-D.
Sari G.
Jessica H.
Irene L.
Benny L.
Max L.
Elizabeth M.
Samantha M.
Justin M.
Elizabeth O.
Stephanie O.
Hannah P.
Alondra Q.
Riya R.
Jason R.
Nate R.
Iviiy S.
Andrey S.
Nadia T.
And the Parents:
Mrs. Altshcul
Mrs. Liber
Mrs. Perlow
MSN Staff:
Chris Dierbeck
Audrey Dzhurov

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