Parent/Guardian Information

Dear Parents and Guardians:

We hope you are having a wonderful three-day weekend! Also, we hope you and your family are safe and well. Happy Memorial Day!

Here are updates/reminders:

Student Belongings Pick-up & Returning/Drop-off Hawthorn Items Information: 

Tuesday resumes our curbside pick-up schedule (E-J). Please be sure to review this information before your scheduled pick-up day. Thank you in advance for your patience and flexibility.

  • Please click here for the district-wide information that was shared with you by Dr. Hannigan on 05/13/2020. It is essential to adhere to these procedures.    
  • We are planning to have the following belongings ready for pick-up:
    • Materials from student lockers – Please note, many students cleaned out their lockers before the school closure. 
    • Locks and materials from student physical education lockers.
    • 8th-grade promotion and awards materials (i.e., gown if ordered, tassel, promotion certificate, award certificates/medallions/cords, promotion pictures, etc.).  
    • Medication from the nurse’s office. Please note, there will be a sign-out for medication.  
    • A yearbook if you ordered one.     
  • If you are coming to pick up your student’s belongings, ENTER through the bus lane next to Hawthorn Elementary North. Please write your student’s name and grade on a piece of paper. Ensure it is written large enough for a staff member to read through your vehicle window. You will place this paper in your window for the staff to see. Also, please have your vehicle’s trunk open so staff may place the belongings in your vehicle for a no-touch transfer following social distancing procedures. A staff member will bring out your student’s belongings and put the bag in your trunk for a no-touch transfer following social distancing procedures.   
  • If you are returning/dropping-off Hawthorn issued items (i.e., athletic uniforms, books, etc.), please place the Hawthorn items in a bag marked with your student’s name and grade. Please place this bag in your vehicle’s trunk. A staff member will retrieve the bag from your trunk for a no-touch transfer, following social distancing procedures.
  • If you do not come to pick-up belongings, they will be donated or disposed of.  

Information from our District’s Technology Department:

  • Keeping devices over the summer: With the unique challenges presented by the Covid-19 pandemic, Hawthorn District 73 recognizes that the summer months may potentially be very different from a typical summer for our students. Because of this, the district will not be requiring students to return electronic devices that have been assigned to them at the conclusion of our current school year. Once the district has received direction regarding the start of school in the fall and any steps that might need to be taken if health concerns continue, we will contact parents with instructions on returning devices to your child’s school. Over the summer months, our monitoring and filtering services — Securly for student internet usage and Gaggle for monitoring email and Google Docs for middle school students — will continue to be used and monitored by the district.
  • Returning devices for those who are moving: If your family is moving out of Hawthorn District 73, please return the electronic device that was assigned to your child (along with any cases or charging cables that were included). You may return these devices on June 4-5 between 8:30 AM – 4:00 PM at Hawthorn Middle School South (600 Aspen Drive). If you are unable to make it on June 4-5, please email and we will arrange a convenient time for you to return the device.
  • Summer Tech support: If issues arise with electronic devices during the summer months and you need to reach out to the Hawthorn District 73 technology team for help, please email with the details of the problem or any questions. A member of the team will follow-up with you.
  • 8th graders to keep devices: As our 8th-grade students prepare to transition from Hawthorn District 73 to their respective high schools, the district wants to ensure continued access to educational and collaborative activities throughout the summer months. In order to make that possible, 8th-grade students are not required to return their Chromebook devices to the district at the end of this school year unless you are currently in possession of a district loaner due to a missing or damaged device. If that is the case, we will coordinate with you for the return of the loaner. Because these devices are also nearing the end of their expected life cycles, this year’s 8th-grade class may choose to keep their device beyond the summer months. Any devices that are kept will no longer be managed, monitored, or content filtered by Hawthorn District 73. Any families who choose not to keep the device should email the technology team at, and we will arrange a time for you to return the device, charger, and case. 

Social-Emotional Information:

  • Please click here for social-emotional information.  

Remote Learning Planning Day

  • As you may remember, the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) has provided school districts with a limited number of “Remote Learning Planning Days.” These days allow staff members to spend time engaging in structured training and planning sessions focused on remote learning. Our next Remote Learning Planning Day is scheduled for Thursday, May 28th. While live conferencing and other forms of “real-time” communication will not be available on these dates, teachers will post learning plans to support the continuation of routines and structures that help ensure students are learning and connected to school. 

Report Cards

  • As a friendly reminder, last year, we expanded our use of the PowerSchool Parent Portal to digitally post report cards for both our middle and elementary school families. Benefits of posting report cards via this secure portal included more timely reporting to parents and easy parent access to both current and past report cards. Online report cards are also environmentally friendly! On the afternoon of Wednesday, June 3rd, we will post student report cards for our third trimester (including rotations four and five at the middle school).
  • The Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) has continued to release grading and report card guidance to school districts. This guidance is based upon the principle of no educational harm to any child and includes recommendations for PreK-8th grade districts to use pass or incomplete (rather than numerical scores or percentage grades). We are using the codes P (pass) and INC ( incomplete) on our report cards to reflect that guidance. In addition, ISBE has shared that grading should prioritize connectedness and care for students. Our students will receive narrative comments, rather than a letter or numerical scores, for work/study behaviors such as submitting assignments on time. Note that ISBE’s guidance does not provide for the issuing of letter grades; our middle school families will see the code N/G (no grade), followed by a P (pass) or INC (incomplete) for specific skills or concepts assessed in each class. Any student earning an incomplete will participate in an individualized learning plan to successfully pass the course, in partnership with parents/guardians. 

Please reach out to us if we can assist you.

Be safe.

Robert Collins – Principal 

Charity Trowbridge – Assistant Principal