Re-enactors Bring Civil War Home to Students

What would life be like if students couldn’t use electronic devices to text, tweet, snapchat and conduct a host of other rapid fire messages and pictures to friends? Students at Hawthorn Middle School North found out during a Civil War re-enactment day.

Civil War re-enactors engaged students in parlor games like cat and mouse where a blindfolded child must find another child through the sound of a bell, and ring toss where students throw rings that others catch on a stick. Students saw cannons explode, weapons demonstrations, as well as shook hands with Mary Todd Lincoln and husband, president Abraham Lincoln. Even the school’s band got into the event by playing period music for students.

“This was a great activity for students. It completely ties into the Common Core State Standards by providing hands on, higher level discussions,” said Principal Robert Collins.

Enjoy some pictures here as well in the Image Galleries.

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