Scholastic Bowl Season Continues

Update on our success:
The Scholastic Bowl team improved its record to 5 wins and 0 losses, with a 250 to 65 victory over Fox River Grove. The Eagles got off to a blazing start, thanks to the lightning-fast buzzing of Jack A. and Ceci G.. Also contributing correct answers for the team were Lily M., Ethan L., Jacob S., and Luc G..

On Tuesday, the B team narrowly defeated Lake Zurich South by a score of 165 to 160. The co-leaders in scoring were Eamon K. and Anjali P., while Abhishek M. and Aryav P. also chipped in.

Both the A and B teams have a game against Lake Zurich North the Tuesday after spring break.

Previous News:

A strong start for our Scholastic Bowl team:

Game 1:  The Scholastic Bowl team opened the season with a win over Mathews by a score of 300-100. The team was led in scoring by Ceci G., while Lily M., Alex Z., Jacob S., and Ethan L. also chipped in with correct answers. The team plays on Tuesday at Wauconda.

Game 2:  The Scholastic Bowl team defeated Wauconda by a score of 310 to 115. The team started off slowly, but dominated in the second half, thanks to leading scorers Ceci G. and Alex Z.. Also chipping in with correct answers were Lily M., Patrick S., Jacob .S., and Jack A.. Next, the Eagles have a home game against Grayslake on Thursday.
Game 3:  The Scholastic Bowl team won its third straight game, defeating Grayslake by a score of 280 to 75. The team started off red-hot and never looked back. Lily M. and Alex Z. led the way, while Jacob S., Patrick S., Ceci G., Jack A., and Matthew D. also chipped in for the Eagles. 

Next up for the team is a home game on Tuesday against Lake Zurich South.

Game 4:  The Scholastic Bowl team defeated Lake Zurich South by a score of 310 to 105. The Eagles jumped to a commanding halftime lead and never looked back. Lily M. led the team in scoring, while Alex Z., Ethan L., Jack A., Ryan M., and Ceci G. also contributed correct answers. Next up is an away game at Fox River Grove on Thursday. 

The B team won a nail-biter, by a score of 165 to 160. It was an exciting way to start off their season.

Congratulations to all the students on our Varsity and JV Teams: Alex Z., Anjali P., Eric S., Zander S., Amy M., Aryav P., Hana M., Riya S., Rinkey S., Abhishek M., Jayne C., Diego C., Brisvane B., Jackson Z., Lily B., Maddie K., Michael L., Gareth F., Michael K., Evan R., Trinity H., Ryan M., Jake L., William K., Yusef A., Rahul G., and Ethan L.

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