Zoom screen with students

Science Olympiad Team Continues to Excel

The Hawthorn Middle North Science Olympiad team has been very busy competing virtually in the National Science Olympiad practice which featured more than 174 teams from across the country.  The National Science Olympiad Invitational was the first invitational that was mostly 6th and 7th graders who did a great job. All teams placed in the top half at 21st, 64th, and 74th place.  

Recognition to: 
Crime Busters: 29th Place: Naina / Ryan
CyberSecurity: 11th place: Anya/ Adin, 16th place: Aadit/Aarush,
Experimental Analysis: 26th Place: Madelyn Arya Stephen, 36th Place: Zoe Serena Srishanth
Game On: 3rd Place: Om/Anya
Ornithology: 10th Place: Anya/Cal
Heredity: 36th Place: Om / Diya
Helicopters: 16th place: Cal/Sanjit 
Mission Possible: 16th place: Shruthi / Evan
Game On: 22nd place: 6th grade team of Aarav / Lucas

There were many more recognitions and we are proud of all of our competitors!

The Middle North School Science Olympiad competed in two virtual invitationals on Saturday, January 9th in the Ohio Westlake Invitational and the first ever New Mexico Socorro Invitational.  Middle North received 4th place out of 61 teams in the superscore division which recognized students’ achievements in all of the categories of builds, trials, and studies.  

Special Recognition: 

3rd Place Anatomy: Anya / Zoe  
2nd Place Machines: Stephen 
3rd Place Meteorology: Kristina / Ashva 

RFTS: 8th Place: Kristina / Aishi
Machines Build: 5th Place: Rohit / Zoe
Solar Power: 5th Place: Aarush / Aishi, 2nd Place: Sashank
Code Busters: 10th Place: Aarush / Adin / Jonathan 
Experimental Design: 9th Place: Zoe / Rodrigo
Machines Written: 10th Place: Tamara
Ornithology: 10th Place: Aadit/ Anya 

All students worked hard and deserve praise!