Science Olympiad Zoom screen

MSN Science Olympiad Team Scores Its Highest Placement Ever at State

Congratulations to Middle North’s Varsity Science Olympiad Team!  They were runner-up to the two national teams and 3rd in State! This is the HIGHEST ever placement at State for Middle North.  Varsity Team members included: Shruthi M., Anya S., Eeman D., Kristina S., Aishi A., Zoe M., Rodrigo B., Om K., Stephen C., Cal S., Madelyn W., Hamiz I., Arushi P., Shivam A., and Rohit D. Coached by Mrs. Frayman and Mrs. Sabharwal, the team worked hard to shine during their first virtual season. We are so proud of their efforts!  Hawthorn North earned 10 medals:

Anatomy: 4th Place: Zoe/ Anya
Crime Busters: 2nd Place: Arushi / Kristina
Density Lab: 3rd Place: Aishi / Eeman
Disease Detectives: 4th Place: Om / Rodrigo
Experimental Design: 5th Place: Zoe / Madelyn / Rodrigo
Game On: 2nd Place: Anya / Om
Machines: 5th Place: Zoe / Stephen
Mousetrap Vehicle: 4th Place: Rohit / Shivam
Ornithology: 5th Place: Cal / Anya
Ping Pong Parachute: 1st Place: Shivam / Rohit