Science Olympiad Team Is on a Roll

Congratulations to the Hawthorn Middle North Science Olympiad team for receiving 15th place out of 91 teams at the virtual Lake Braddock Invitational in Virginia. Each student competed at their own home virtually.

We are especially proud of the Science Olympiad quiz bowl team (Arushi/Anya) who received 4th place overall in their first ever competition and of Aishi and Kristina who each received 2 medal placements. Other recognition goes to:

Crime Busters: Kristina/Arushi 13th placeDensity Lab: Aishi/Stephen 5th placeDisease Detectives: Om/Rodrigo 13th placeHelicopters: Cal/Adin 10th placeHeredity: Om/Rodrigo 7th placeMeteorology: Aishi/Kristina 9th placeOrnithology: Cal/Anya 16th placeRFTS: Aishi/Kristina 6th placeExperimental Design: Zoe/Madelyn/Raghav 14th placeMeteorology: Ashva/Aadit 17th place

Great job Middle North!