Science Olympiad Students

Science Olympiad Team Wins Neuqua Valley Science Olympiad Championships

Hawthorn Middle North Science Olympiad team is Regional Champions and received a bid to state after beating out 28 teams at the Neuqua Valley Regionals on February 29th. The JV teams also placed first and fourth in their respective category.  The varsity team received medals in 22 out of 23 events.  The following medals were received:  

Anatomy:  1st Place Varsity Christian C., Ananya K. 
Boomilever: 1st Place Varsity: Holly F., Anya S. 1st Place JV: Rohit D., Sanjit V.
Circuit Lab: 1st Place Varsity: Aleksey L., Ben F. 3rd Place JV: Zoe M., Arushi P.   
Crime Busters: 1st Place Varsity: Kristina S., Allie K. 2nd Place JV: Arushi P., Ryan S. 3rd Place JV: Chris S., Tamara L. 
Density Lab: 3rd Place Varsity: Aleksey L., Trey W.  
Disease Detectives: 1st Place Varsity: Ben F., Iris T.  1st Place JV: Rodrigo B., Ryan S.
Dynamic Planet: 3rd Place Varsity: Adarsh J., Trey W. 1st Place JV: Aishi A., Shivam A. Elastic Glider: 2nd Place JV: Rohit D., Pratham B.  Experimental Design: 2nd Place Varsity:  Hailey D., Christian C.,  Apsara V.  1st Place JV: Zoe M.,  Madelyn W., Raghav V.  3rd Place JV: Jessica X., Srishanth M., Sashank M.
Food Science: 2nd Place Varsity: Apsara V.,  Iris  T. 1st Place JV: Madelyn W., Shruthi M.  3rd Place JV: Emma J., Srishanth  M.
Fossils: 1st Place Varsity: Hailey D., Adarsh J.   
Game On: 1st Place JV: Jonathan T., Hamiz I.  2nd Place JV: Zach C., Aditya I. 
Heredity: 1st Place Varsity Apsara V., Om K.  1st Place JV: Rodrigo B., Madelyn W.  
Machines: 1st Place Varsity: Aleksey L., Christian C. 3rd Place JV: Raghav V., Jonathan T.  Meteorology: 2nd Place JV: Ashva R., Aadit N.    
Mission Possible: 2nd Place Varsity: Holly F., Adarsh J.
Mousetrap Vehicle: 1st Place Varsity: Ben F., Holly F. 1st Place JV: Chris S., Diya R.   
Ornithology: 2nd Place Varsity: Anya S., Ananya K. 1st Place JV: Aadit N., Aditya I.  2nd Place JV: Cal S., Shruthi M.
Ping Pong Parachute: 1st Place JV: Shivam A., Paarth K.  2nd Place JV: Rohit D., Sanjit V.    
Reach for the Stars: 1st Place Varsity: Aleksey L., Ben F. 1st Place JV: Akshaya K., Aishi A.
Road Scholar:1st Place JV: Sona S., Paarth K. 
Water Quality: 1st Place JV: Nethra A., Chris S.  2nd Place JV: Sona S., Elizabeth M.
Write It Do It: 3rd Place Varsity: Allie K., Hailey D.

Many thanks to our many parent and high school event volunteers and to our head coach, Mrs. Frayman and assistant coach, Ms. Hernandez.  Thanks to the Hawthorn Middle North teachers and administration who allowed the students to use their classrooms for countless hours of practice.