Snowflake 2017 for 7th & 8th Graders – Registration Extended to 9/27

Operation Snowflake seeks to bring together middle school youth, community professionals and other caring adults to develop a trusting relationship and provide a framework of understanding of oneself and of others. The program also strives to teach youth valuable skills that develop healthy peer relationships, promote responsible decision-making and resist negative peer pressure.

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LOCATION: Hawthorn Middle School South

600 Aspen Drive

Vernon Hills, IL 60016

DATE: Friday, October 13, 2017

TIME: Students: 2:15 – 10:00pm
(students will walk to Middle South with staff)

Parents: 7:15 – 10:00pm (Speaker, dessert & coffee)

FEE: $25.00 Per Student

Registration is due by Sept. 27th

(Fee includes student dinner, snack, t-shirt and materials)
You can find all the information here:

Snowflake Info and Forms 2017