7th Grade Advisory is “Celebrating Diversity”

The seventh grade advisory theme this year is “Celebrating Diversity”.  In an effort to showcase diversity and the idea of embracing cultures the seventh grade advisories put on an International Fair at MSN. Each seventh grade advisory randomly selected a country to research. Students studied various cultures, traditions, people, past times, and created a display to showcase their research. We had the students walk around and explore: various table displays, engage and learn how to play games from different countries, taste new foods and drinks, and see a wide range of presentations. This was an activity to learn, experience, and engage with various cultures for our seventh graders as we continue to celebrate diversity.

You can see lots of pictures from this fun event in the Image Galleries.

Mrs. Schultz, Mrs. Sue and Mrs. Dismer Advisory Collects for PADS

Help the homeless during the holidays. The wind and the cold can dry out skin and hair. Mrs. Dismer’s, Mrs. Sue’s and Mrs. Schultz’s advisories will be collecting travel size toiletries from the students in the school.This will be donated to PADS Homeless shelters through St. Mary of Vernon Church in Indian Creek and Temple Or Shalom in Vernon Hills. We are looking for travel size: shampoo, conditioner, hand lotion, deodorant, toothpaste, shaving cream, lip balm, etc. There will be boxes outside of classroom 211, 311, and 406 for any donations. We will be collecting until Dec. 13.

Here is a refrigerator flyer for your home:

PADS Collection

Advisory Activities

Mrs. Stahl and Mrs. Ring’s 8th grade advisory groups are working on a community service project in conjunction with the Countryside Fire Department.  Each student is creating a digital comic strip emphasizing fire safety.  When finished the completed projects will be printed,  bound in a book, and delivered to the residents of The Park in Vernon Hills by Fireman Tony.
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