Boys Soccer Score a “W”

Great 4-1 win Thursday night for our boys soccer team against Matthews! We had goals from for different players, Daniel “Destroyer” M, Rico “Dominator” D, Mario “Magic Man” L, and Aditiya “The Sultan” S. Daniel “Viper” V held the left side defense while Anthony “Puma” P held the right. Ben “Barracuda” T moved the ball well in the center creating plays for both Alex “Cobra” C and Dylan “Dynamite” S. Henri “Ocelot” O also did ver well holding the center D. Well done guys – good luck against Lake Zurich South on Wednesday.

MN Girls Soccer Team Undefeated!

The Hawthorn Middle North Girls Soccer Team ended their 2015 season undefeated. The team is the #1 seed in the upcoming Suburban Middle School conference Tournament. They will play their first tournament game on Tuesday, 5/12/15, at Wauconda Middle School. The team they will play will be determined in the first round game on Monday. 5/11/15.

Congratulations to Coach Weston Steinberg, Middle North 7th Grade math teacher and team members Piper B., Jessica B., Lily B., Annalise B., Abigail B., Elena H., Gabrielle J., Cassie P., Isabella P., Zoe P., Olivia P., Gisselle S., Ryan S., Sydney T., and Brynn Z.

MN Boys’ Soccer

The Eagles came on top with a 3-1 win against Wauconda. The team played hard and it payed off. Goals were scored by George M., Alexis C., and Devin P.  Luis R. was a brick wall in the goal while Chris H. and Brian B. were strong on defense. Jesus A. and Brandon F. played great together and were able to control the center midfield. The next game will be away verses Barrington Praire on Monday. Good luck boys!

You can see some pictures from the event in the Building Links / Image Galleries above.