New MN Student Council Representatives

Congratulations to the following students who are joining Middle North Student Council as representatives:

Madisyn A.
Shelby G.
Gavin G.
Emily K.
Wes K.
Elizabeth O.
Riya S.
Olivia S.
Eric S.
Nicole T.
Abigail T.
Brynn Z.

Attention All MN Students

If you interested in running for Student Council representative, there is a mandatory informational meeting on Wednesday, September 17th at 7:15 a.m. in the art room.  Stop by to pick up some very important information. 

Student Council Fun Day!

Students:  Friday, September 26th will be the first Student Council sponsored fun day of the year!  It’s Bears Vs. Packers so wear your team colors!  If you are a fan of another football team you can wear that as well.  Appropriate football hats are allowed on this day.  Have some fun, dress up and support your Student Council!

New Student Council Board

Congratulations to our new MN Student Council members.  Watch for events throughout the school year.

President:  Karl K.

Vice President:  Kelsey C.

Secretary:  Ariel C.

7th Grade Senators:  Piper B. and Cecilia G.

8th Grade Senators:  Jorgan B. and Carlos N.

Officers at Large:  Frances F. and Gretchen V.


Student Council 2013/14