Wayne Messmer Talks with Middle School North Students

Wayne Messmer, the long-time public address announcer for the Chicago Cubs, gave a motivational speech to Middle School North students on Friday morning. He talked about his life-long passion for music. “Once you identify the special gifts you have been given, life becomes much more fun,” he told the audience. “You are successful when you do what you love, and love what you do.”

Mr. Messmer enjoyed a successful music career in which he regularly sang for a number of sports teams, including the Chicago Cubs, the Chicago White Sox and the Chicago Sting. However, in 1994, his career almost ended. He was shot in the throat, a devastating injury for a singer. He survived the incident and after months of therapy continued his career as a singer and announcer. The incident caused him to gain a whole new appreciation of life. “Now, every day is the best day of my life,” he said.